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  Society Introduction: Chinese Society of Micro/Nano Technology, which is the first level national society, was formally established on April 5th, 2005. The Society is consisted of the Secretariat, the International Exchange Working Committee, the Enterprise Working Committee, and the Science Working Committee, the Youth Working Committee, as well as individual members and group members.

  Society Mission: CSMNT, dedicated to promoting the research and industrialization of Micro/Nano technology, is a lawful social organizations voluntarily registered by scientific and technical workers in Micro/Nano technology and related enterprises and institutions, and also a national non-profit academic group. CSMNT links the Micro/Nano technology workers in China together and serves as an important social force in developing China Micro/Nano technology.

  Society Activities: We have successfully held many rich and colorful activities, including various academic conferences, exhibitions, strategic conversations and international communication activities. Each previous annual conference had great influence among the academic circles in the same field, formed the academic exchange platform for the same profession, and also promoted the rapid development of MEMS and Nano technology. We would hold internal academic conferences in odd years and international conferences in even years. Besides annual conference, we also held a series of activities like MEMS Accelerometer Application Competition, and China International Nano Science and Technology Seminar. Under the discipline of promoting the progress of Nano technology, we had organized MEMS processing and design technology training. In order to strengthen the exchange of Micro/Nano technology at home and abroad, we often plan some international exchange activities, and have organized many academic visits and technical researches.

  Members' Rights:All members can enjoy special profits, obtain CSMNT’s proceedings for free and have the priority when attending various activities organized by CSMNT.Senior members will obtain the academic journals for present, and have many opportunities to participate in relevant technology assessment, consultation, technical service and training under the help of CSMNT. CSMNT provides the group members with the services as follows: publish the introduction of group members and their corporate representatives in proceedingsand other association journals; provide online image promotion service in CSMNT website; offer the latest technology information and market information controlled by CSMNT; provide consulting service by organizing domestic and foreign well-known experts; Assist members in keeping touch with the relevant government authorities and scientific research institutions; organize related policy and technology consulting activities; give favorable booth rent and the priority to attend promotion activities in the technology exhibition held by CSMNT; arrange the technical personnel of group members to take part in professional trainings and continuation education activities; assist group members in operating international communication activities; arrange members to aboard science and technology research and trade activities.